Bring yourself


Farming is dirty work, but we don't mind because dirt is the key ingredient to what we do.

Whether you want to be a regular here or if you only have a day, your help is invaluable to our mission. This may mean weeding, harvesting, or maintaining what we do here.

Send us an email and let’s talk about how to make the world better!

Bring your office

group working.jpg

It takes a village to raise a farm. You can grow team work in your workplace by helping us grow food for the needy. Cultivating collaboration skills out of the office is proven to help employees on the job as well. On the farm we know many hands is proven to make less weeding. Volunteer as a group, get a breath of fresh air, renew teamsmanship, and do some good in your community! Speak with Lori to sign your group up.

Partner with us


If your organization is interested in partnering in any capacity, let’s sit down and talk. We need you! We have partnered with food banks, schools, churches, and kids camps to accomplish the hard work it takes to grow food. Your time and talent is invaluable to the mission of the farm.

A special thank you to our recent partners: