In Tennessee, 967,430 people are struggling with hunger and of them 295,570 are children. That is 1 in 7 who struggle with hunger and 1 in 5 are children. Hungry people are not necessarily living on the streets. He or she may be in your child's classroom, in your neighborhood or just down the street. In addition, many of these people live in food deserts, which are areas more than 10 miles from the nearest grocery store. Often times there are limited resources to get food and the only option is fast food or convenience markets. This processed food is called junk food for a reason. It may help with hunger pangs, but provides little to no nutrition.  


To bring a volunteer group or donate in any capacity, please email us.


ByFaith Farm’s mission is to contribute a healthy food source to those in need. Many food banks provide boxed staples and canned goods but we offer local grown, chemical-free produce. We believe this is the best food available to give real nutrition to those in need.

We have found the most efficient way to distribute fresh produce are our local hunger relief agencies such as Second Harvest. They pick up the food at our farm and even provide volunteers for harvesting or planting. We are extremely grateful to all who have partnered with us in this mission.